Stegmaier Brewery – The History Fermenting Tanks @ High Krausen

21 December 2009

LionStegFermentersKrausenHere’s another great photo of the Stegmaier Brewery. This photo shows the cypress fermenting tanks at high krausen. Thanks Leo for another amazing photo .


Lion Brewery – The History Hop Room

20 December 2009

LionBreweryHopRoomStegmaierBrewery Here’s the first of what I hope to be a series of “historical” and incredibly cool photos from the Lion Brewery courtesy of Leo. This photo shows the “Hop Room” from the old Stegmaier Brewery.


Lion Brewery – The History Cooker & Masher


Today's old (and very cool) photo comes to us from the Stegmaier Brewery circa 1950’s and shows the Cooker & Masher. What a great photo.


Lion Brewery – The History Lauter Tun

LionBreweryStegmaierLauterTun This photo is incredible and shows the ornate detail of the Stegmaier Brewery Lauter Tun. In a modern brewery the Lauter Ttun is an industrial functional piece of working equipment. Back in these days, it was more that than…MUCH more than that. Thanks Leo.


Stegmaier Brewery – The History Fermenting Tanks

LionBreweryFermentationStegmaierBrewery Today’s photo shows the fermenting tanks at the old Stegmaier Brewery. There look to be about 6 or 8 tanks in the room and they appear to be all wood or wood-clad.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Our Seasons Best

LionSeasonsBestLabel As we approach the holiday season, I thought it would be nice to post up a holiday seasonal from Lion. Today we feature Our Seasons Best Special Edition Lager Beer. I love how the label includes details on the malt & hops and how simple the label design is. Cheers & Hoppy Holidays to everyone.


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Gibbons

LionGibbonsProof Today we wander even further from beer labels into some Gibbons advertising. This one comes to us courtesy of jesskidden and it shows an print ad from 26 Sept 1952. The ad features the tag line “The Proof is in the Taste"—Best-liked Beer in town because Gibbons is the best-tasting Beer! Have a Gibbons and Prove it to yourself! If it’s Gibbons it’s always Good—The Lion Inc. Gibbons brewery Wilkes-Barre”


Lion Brewery – Advertising Fun Liebotschaner Select

14 December 2009

LionStegLiebotschanerSelectpromocardToday we feature another cool Liebotschaner Select advertising card. The advertising tag line reads, “America’s Finest Munich Type Beer…and old world “Munich Type” beer brewed of imported hops, one hundred percent barley malts and utilizing the crystal clear waters of the beautiful Pocono Mountain region of Pennsylvania.” It’s mellow flavor is savored by discerning beer drinkers everywhere.”


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Lion Beer

13 December 2009

LionLionBeerLabelWhat label says Lion Brewery MORE than Lion Beer? Here we have the classic green Lion Beer label. I suspect this is a mid 1930’s vintage label, but please correct me. The label does carry a 1933 copyright and IRS tax label and PA permit.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Blue Hen Beer

LionBlueHenLabel And so the label fun continues….I present for you Blue Hen Beer…this looks fairly recent and I just love the little hen standing on the soldier’s shoulder. Nothing says beer like a hen ;)


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Latina

11 December 2009

LionLatinaLabel¿Qué dice la diversión como la cerveza?



Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaier Golden Nuggets

09 December 2009

LionStegGoldenNuggetsLabel Nothing says fun like Golden Nuggets. Of course I’ll keep this on the up-and-up and avoid the easy jokes…all I want to know is, where is Crystal Lake?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Boardy Barn brew

07 December 2009

LionboardyLabel And the Lion label beat goes on….Today’s label is the Boardy Barn Brew…correct that…it’s the “World Famous Boardy Barn Brew Fine Lager Beer.” This is apparently a bar in the Hampton’s in New York and I love the “Take the Party Home” slogan….I guess they don’t realize “home” is Wilkes-Barre, PA.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Hope Oktoberfest

05 December 2009

LionHopeOktoberfestLabel I know we’re pushing toward Xmas, but why not have a little Hope Oktoberfest beer?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Kappy's

03 December 2009

LionKappysLabel How about a little Kappy’s ?!…Premium Quality Beer…Pocono Brewing Company and it has the government warning label. So who was Kappy?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun (Sort of)

02 December 2009

BartelsBox Here’s a reader contribution (Thank Jeff)—dated Dec 1959.  It’s not exactly a label, but cool nonetheless.  Look closely….woof!


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Bartels Extra Light

01 December 2009

LionBartelsNewLabelThis may (or may not) be our last Professor Bartel’s label in the bunch…guess we’ll see. Of interest in this one is that the label says Edwardsville, PA (not Wilkes-Barre). I present to you Bartel’s Extra Light beer. I also remind you to submit your labels…we’ve been running this series one label every other day since Sept and here we are in Dec with no end in sight.


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