Lion Brewery–Label Fun Calvin Cooler

27 January 2011

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We straying a little from the beer borders here, but I thought you’d want a peek at the latest contract brew coming out of our beloved Lion Brewery.  Today we have Calvin Cooler Strawberry Daiquiri, Lemonade Slam, and Screwdriver (all are 12oz 5.9% ABV).


Hudepohl–Original Bock (Lion Brewery)

24 January 2011

imageWe posted out on Jan 7th, the newly approved Hudepohl Festival Bock packaging.  Hudepohl is a brew coming out of our very own Lion brewery, so it was exciting to see approval for their Original Bock keg packaging.


Lion Brewery–Label Fun Gibbons Porter

22 January 2011


Here’s one we haven’t posted before….this is the Gibbons Porter

12oz with IRS tax stamp and a 1937 copyright.


Lion Brewery–Hudepohl Festival Bock NEW (Schoenling)

07 January 2011


Here’s an exciting label approved today for Hudepohl Festival Bock to be brewed at our very own Lion Brewery.  “Bock to our lips and spring to our souls".”  This looks to be from Hudepohl-Schoenling Brewing Company out of Cincinnati OH and it will be packaged in 12oz bottles.  Hudepohl is owner by Christian Moerling Brewing.  This is a new spring seasonal for Hudepohl following up on their original Bock (released in 2007) and their Amber Lager (released in Aug 2010).


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