Lion Brewery – Label Fun Red Rooster Ale

30 September 2009

LionRedRoosterLabelToday’s label is a different version of the Hope Red Rooster Ale label I posted last week. This one looks to be updated (i.e. newer), but I still know little about it.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stallion XII Brand Malt Liquor

28 September 2009

LionStalionMaltLabelTime to pop a “40” and enjoy some fine malt liquor. Today’s Lion Brewery label fun features Stallion XII Brand Malt Liquor. Please note this is not any ordinary malt liquor, but “The Thoroughbred of Malt Liquors.”


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Hope Red Rooster Ale

26 September 2009

LionHopeRedRoosterLabelI know very little about today’s Loin Brewery label. The label is Hope Red Rooster Ale.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Nude Beer #15

24 September 2009

LionNudeBeerSo we made it almost two weeks into our label fun before we slipped into the gutter. I’ll deny any involvement and blame it strictly on popular demand. For pure scientific beer label purposes only, I present Nude Beer! This one comes from the 1980’s (Golden Beverage Company) timeframe and features nude # 15 (of about 59 or 60 I believe). To keep our rating PG-13, this one has not had the lottery-ticked-bikini coating scratched off.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Trupert American Pilsner

22 September 2009

LionTrupertLabelThis one is fairly unique, and another one (like the 1/2 label of my earlier post) that I had not even heard of…Trupert American Pilsner Beer! Anyone know any details of this one?


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaier Porter

20 September 2009

LionStegPorterLabelHere’s a cool label, also from the 1970’s featuring Stegmaier Porter. I’m fascinated at how many label variations there are for Steg Porter.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaier Bock Beer

18 September 2009

LionStegBockGoatLabelToday’s Lion Brewery label comes straight out of the 1970’s and features Stegmaier Bock Beer. Also note that it is “truly brewed".


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Bartel's

16 September 2009

LionBartelsLabelToday we have the famous Professor Bartel with his Bartel’s Pure Beer. Not sure of the age of this one.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaiers Bock Beer

14 September 2009

LionStegBockLabelNext up, al oldie but a goodie…Stegmaiers’ Bock. Note that it’s Stegmaiers and not Stegmaier. This one comes from around 1940 or earlier.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer

12 September 2009

LionStegGoldMedalLabelI know many of you are not only fans of the Lion Brewery beers, but also tremendously interested in the long and rich history of the Lion Brewery brands and beverages. In that light, I thought it would be fun to post up some of the historical, and not-so-historical labels and brands to come out of Lion Brewery. I welcome submissions of photos or stories and I’ll post them up for all to see. I’ll give whatever details I can on the time-frame/history of each label, but I’ll admit there are many I know very little about. Without further delay I begin the Lion Label series.

This one comes in from the 1950’s and it’s Stegmaier Gold Medal Beer.


Lion Brewery – Label Fun Half

04 September 2009


Here’s a little tidbit that I had never seen before. Check out the Lion Brewery label and be sure to read why it’s named “Half.” Interesting huh?


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