Stegmaier Brothers Inc.

30 March 2011

Thank you to my pal Stashu Milski for sending in yet another cool local brewing history photo.  Today’s photo shows the Stegmaier Brothers Inc. (Hanover Twp., Wilkes-Barre PA) fleet of 8 trucks.  Looks like they’re lined up at the Burnaford Chevrolet Co, most likely as they were purchased new.  Lots of cool details from the trolley tracks and brick paved streets to the Shell & Coca-Cola signs.  If anyone has any additional details on the photo or location please feel free to comment in.


UPDATE:  Thanks to my pal Tom for sending in this photo of the same street today.  Burnaford Chevy was at 693 Hazel Ave (1933)—across the street from Lehman Funeral Home and next to Hanlon’s Drug Store.


Lion Brewery–Label Fun Gibbons 32oz

28 March 2011


Here’s a vintage 32oz Gibbons Premium Beer label that we haven’t shown off yet.  “A special blend of finest barley malt and choicest hops assures the full, smooth flavor of this Premium Quality Beverage.”


Lion Brewery–Carolina Beer Co Cottonwood Endo IPA & Carolina Blonde

27 March 2011

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Today we have two new labels from Carolina Beer Co that are brewed and packaged at our very own Lion Brewery.  These are licensed by SBT Corp and will both be packaged in 12oz bottles.  The Endo is brewed and dry-hopped with Cascade & Chinook hops, and the Carolina Blonde (their flagship beer) uses 100% malted barley and American hops.


Lion Brewery - Lionshead IPA?

15 March 2011

imageHere’s an interesting and confusing packaging approval from this morning.  This is the keg packaging for something called Lionshead IPA.  The ABV certainly matches up to their regular Stegmaier IPA so I’m not sure what the Lionshead designation is doing on the packaging, but stay tuned for further details.


Lion Brewery–Label Fun Rheingold Cans


Here’s one that almost quietly snuck by today.  This is the new 12oz can packaging for Rheingold Lager Beer  This one will be brewed and canned by our very own Lion Brewery so stay tuned.


Lion Brewery–Label Fun Gibbons Deposit

09 March 2011

We haven’t added to our Lion Brewery label collection in some time, so thank you to Jess Kidden for passing on this great Gibbons 12oz returnable bottle labeling for Gibbons Famous Light Lager.


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