Lion Brewery–Stegmaier IPA NEW CAN Packaging

21 April 2011

With all of the new packaging Lion Brewery just completed for their Stegmaier Line (Summer Stock, IPA, Pale Ale, Oktoberfest, Winter Warmer…) it was a huge surprise to see this new label approval for Stegmaier IPA with radically different can packaging.  This 12oz label carries the tag “Brewed in the honorable tradition of Charles Stegmaier” and the original Stegmaier initials logo.  “When the Lion acquired the Stegmaier family of brews in 1974, we vowed to continue the rich brewing tradition started by Charles Stegmaier.  Each of our lagers and ales are brewed in small batches with the finest hops and malts available to guarantee the highest quality and freshness.  These original recipes were especially created to deliver a fuller flavor than ordinary beers.  This a proud brewing history dating back to 1905, you can taste the difference that a century of brewing experience can make!” 


Scranton Police–Dumping Beer!

20 April 2011


No it’s not what you’re thinking based on my headline….but Thank you again to our old pal Stashu Milski for providing us with another local historical beer-photo.  This one is labeled Scranton Police dumping Beer during prohibition, Scranton PA and it’s from the 1920 to 1933 timeframe according to the label.


Lion Brewery–Cottonwood Frostbite Winter

16 April 2011

imageA few weeks ago I brought you the first two labels from Cottonwood (Carolina Beer Co), and today I’m excited to bring you Frostbite Winter Ale.  These beers are contract brewed out of our very own Lion Brewery and packaged in 12oz bottles.  Frostbite is a “Winter Warmer” with a “hearty blend of six malts perfectly balanced with three hop varieties” and comes in at a warming 8% ABV.


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