Stegmaier Brothers Inc.

30 March 2011

Thank you to my pal Stashu Milski for sending in yet another cool local brewing history photo.  Today’s photo shows the Stegmaier Brothers Inc. (Hanover Twp., Wilkes-Barre PA) fleet of 8 trucks.  Looks like they’re lined up at the Burnaford Chevrolet Co, most likely as they were purchased new.  Lots of cool details from the trolley tracks and brick paved streets to the Shell & Coca-Cola signs.  If anyone has any additional details on the photo or location please feel free to comment in.


UPDATE:  Thanks to my pal Tom for sending in this photo of the same street today.  Burnaford Chevy was at 693 Hazel Ave (1933)—across the street from Lehman Funeral Home and next to Hanlon’s Drug Store.


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